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Monday, 14 January 2013
Apologies for yet another blog absence:-(  Loads going on personally and just haven't had chance to blog even though I have been crafting away.

Can anyone help me......I've been trying to insert a picture and it won't give me the option to select a picture from my computer any more for some reason.  I don't know if I'm going mad but the only options I have are to upload from phone, Picasa web album (haven't even a clue what that is), from this blog or from a URL.  My blog is no use without pictures:-(

Also, can anyone help me with the codes that I need to put into my blog to show up a 'clickable' link within my post which will take you straight to a site or a product?  I used to have it written down but I got rid of it when I stopped blogging.

ANYWAY........onto my exciting news....I applied a while ago to be a Guest Designer for http://www.mymumscraftshop.co.uk/ and with everything going on I kind of gave up hope.  Well last night I was going about my business as you do on a Sunday night and up pops an email in my inbox inviting me to be Guest Designer for March for them!!!!!   I am over the moon to be picked.....I buy loads of my stuff from there and I love the other DT girls work so it made a crap day a whole lot better.

I've been creating a lot for a market night I'm having over on my FB page, Little Megs Cards, on 27 January so once I can work out how to add piccies again I will post some on here to show you.

Have a great day everyone.

Shelly xx


Faye said...

Fab news about MMCS, well done you. xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Hello Shelly, sorry I can' help you with your pictures. I know a few other people have had similar problems so hopefully one of them will be able to help you.
Congrats on your GDT place.

Fiona said...

well done on your guest spot at MMCS!! it's super exciting isn't it??


Sarah Wills said...

Hi Shell, had similar problems myself and solved it by using google chrome instead of internet explorer to upload images to my blog. Have a go and see if it helps. Congratulations on your GDT appointment at MMCS!!

Milliesmarvels said...

Congratulations Michelle and welcome to the team!

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